Nabtesco Corporation is a leading manufacturer of hydraulic equipment, with a strong market share in construction machinery across Asia and around the world. Our hydraulic travel motors power a wide range of vehicles, including:

  • excavators
  • crawler drills
  • cranes and aerial work platforms
  • asphalt pavers and graders
  • agricultural and forestry machinery

Nabtesco’s travel motors – which integrate reduction gears, hydraulic motors, valves and brakes – are well known around the world, enjoying a leading market share. We have developed an extensive product lineup of travel motors for equipment of various sizes, and offer a wide range of services.

In addition, we manufacture hydraulic clutch master cylinders for commercial vehicles, and high-speed hydraulic valves for marine-vessel diesel engines.

In 2015, Nabtesco acquired Hyest Corporation, a manufacturer of a broad range of hydraulic equipment, including motors, piston pumps and control valves, solidifying our presence in the heavy-equipment sector.Today, we are pursuing R&D on hybrid equipment that integrates hydraulic technology with electronics, moving from a purely hydraulic system to a hybrid electric one, in order to meet the global demand for low- and zero-emissions vehicles.

By adopting cutting-edge software and AI solutions, we aim to offer our customers a best-in-class catalogue of products and services, to help them increase their efficiency and productivity.

In addition, we are constantly looking for new advanced materials that enable miniaturization and reduce friction, increasing the efficiency and durability of our products.

Nabtesco Technology Ventures is looking to invest in or partner with engineering and software start-ups that can help Nabtesco Corporation improve its product line. If your company has created technology that fits our priorities, please get in touch.