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In 1937, Nabtesco pioneered the air brake in Japan. Today, more than 80 years of innovation later, the company still has a dominant market share in key components of braking systems used in Japanese trucks and buses.

Nabtesco’s flagship product in the heavy-duty commercial automotive market is the air dryer, which has a 75% market share in Japan

Trucks and buses use air compression to control their brake, suspension and other systems. But if the compressed air is contaminated with water vapor and oil, this can degrade performance and damage the vehicle’s control system. Nabtesco’s pioneering air dryer uses a proprietary desiccant to remove vapor and oil from the compressed air, ensuring optimal performance, safety and durability. In addition, the air dryer separates the oil from the water vapor before expelling the water through the exhaust system, reducing environmental pollution. Nabtesco makes air control systems that are cleaner and greener.

Nabtesco’s wedge brake chambers are also a dominant product in Japan, with a 70% market share. This component, mounted on the wheels of heavy-duty trucks, uses air pressure to push the piston to apply the brakes. 

The goal of our commercial-vehicle division is to continue improving the safety and environmental performance of heavy-duty trucks, buses, and automobiles. Today, we are focusing on developing the next generation of control systems for commercial vehicles, and on bringing our leading-edge products to the global market.

Nabtesco Technology Ventures is looking to invest in or partner with engineering and software start-ups that can help Nabtesco Corporation improve and expand its lineup of commercial-vehicle technology. If your company has products that fit our priorities, please get in touch.