ZURICH, Switzerland, June 17, 2020 —  Nabtesco Technology Ventures L.P., the corporate venture capital fund of Nabtesco Corporation, announced today that it has invested in wheel.me AS, a Norwegian start-up that has developed an autonomously driven wheel. The investment is supported by Emerald Technology Ventures, a globally recognized investment firm.   

wheel.me’s innovative smart-wheel technology allows users to move heavy objects indoors using a smartphone app or voice commands. wheel.me works with global companies such as P&G, Faurecia, Porsche, Webasto and Skanska. The company will use the funds from this investment to accelerate product development and certification, to establish a manufacturing facility, and to develop its presence in global markets.

Through this transaction, Nabtesco will explore the possibility of developing new products and services by combining its motion control technology with wheel.me’s autonomous drive technology. 

This investment in motion control technology further illustrates Nabtesco’s continuing promotion of externally sourced innovation, and the company’s commitment to achieving its sustainable-development goals through its venture capital fund.

As Nabtesco’s corporate venture partner, Emerald has advised Nabtesco Technology Ventures throughout the investment process, from technology scouting through to due diligence and structuring the transaction. Emerald will continue to support the development of wheel.me together with the Nabtesco group after conclusion of this investment. 

About Nabtesco Technology Ventures: Nabtesco Technology Ventures L.P. (General Partner: Hiroshi Nerima) is a corporate venture fund launched in 2018 by Japan’s Nabtesco Corporation (President: Katsuhiro Teramoto), in partnership with Emerald Technology Ventures, a global leader in technology venture capital. The EUR 75 million fund invests primarily, but not exclusively, in robotics, motors, sensors, additive manufacturing, artificial intelligence, and Internet of Things technologies. NTV reinforces Nabtesco Corporation’s position as a global leader in manufacturing technology, accelerating investment and collaboration around the world.

About wheel.me: wheel.me is a Norwegian robotics and IoT company established in 2013. The company develops and commercializes the world’s first autonomous wheel, known as wheel.me Genius. This product allows users to transform any object into a robotic device – with minimal effort and without the need to change design or form factor. The solution creates value in a large number of use-cases, in a wide range of business areas driven by hyper-automation. For companies that want to reduce costs and improve flexibility through automation, wheel.me’s technology is a game changer, revolutionizing indoor mobility and material handling. wheel.me Genius runs in the cloud and is offered as a service. For more information, visit wheel.me

About Emerald Technology Ventures: Emerald is a globally recognized investment firm in the areas of energy, water, advanced materials and industrial IT. Founded in 2000, the company has raised four venture capital funds and completed more than 60 venture investments. Emerald has been a trusted partner for many multinational corporations in their open-innovation activities, and managed four technology investment programs for third parties. From offices in Zurich, Switzerland, Toronto, Canada and Singapore, Emerald has managed assets of over $660 million to date. For more information, visit https://www.emerald-ventures.com